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How to Source the Best Tech Talent


Welcome! You have landed on this page, so we are sure you are looking to find the best talent from the pool for your organization. And, we also know many organizations that would give anything to acquire that purple squirrel; they just don’t know how to locate it, or some of them just fail to offer the right kind of acorns to attract the squirrel. Some of you might be small fish competing with big tech sharks in the red ocean to acquire that perfect-fit candidate.

So, this guide is a humble effort to start your tech talent sourcing journey. It is our high-level approach at Rent-A-Sourcer that has helped us find the best talent for our clients.

Let us start and deep dive into the tech talent pool!

 STEP 1 

Define Needs

  • Skills: Define specific technical skills.

  • Fit: Assess cultural alignment.

  • Compensation: Research market trends.

 STEP 2 

Leverage Online Platforms

  • LinkedIn: Utilize advanced search.

  • GitHub: Evaluate code contributions.

  • Stack Overflow: Identify expertise.

  • Job Boards: Use platforms like Dice, and Indeed.

 STEP 3 

Engage in Tech Communities

  • Attend Events: Network in person.

  • Open Source: Collaborate on projects.

  • Partnerships: Connect with universities.

 STEP 4 

Foster Internal Referrals

  • Referral Program: Incentivize employees.

  • Streamlined Process: Clear guidelines and feedback.

  • Employee Expertise: Utilize internal knowledge.

 STEP 5 

Build Employer Brand

  • Culture: Create a positive work environment.

  • Compensation: Offer competitive packages.

  • Technology Commitment: Showcase innovation.

  • Testimonials: Share success stories.

  • Diversity: Emphasize equal opportunities.

  • Social Media: Actively engage online.

 STEP 6 

Optimize Career Page

  • Informative: Clear job descriptions.

  • Mobile-Friendly: Accessible design.

  • Engaging: Highlight culture and opportunities.

 STEP 7 

Maintain Communication

  • Prompt Feedback: Enhance candidate experience.

  • Adaptation: Continuous improvement.

 STEP 1 

Define Your Tech Talent Needs

To propel a successful digital transformation, it’s imperative to define your tech talent needs precisely. With companies funneling substantial investments, often exceeding a billion dollars, into digital shifts over the next five years, securing top-tier engineering talent is pivotal. The productivity gap between top engineers and their counterparts, ranging from three to ten times, translates to tangible investment savings and an accelerated IT process of 20 to 30 percent. 

In the face of a looming talent shortage, particularly in areas like experience design, front-end and mobile engineering, big data, AI, and agile skills, strategic talent planning emerges as a decisive action for navigating the dynamic digital landscape.

  • Skills Spotlight: Clearly define the technical expertise needed for each role, aligning with project specifics and desired experience levels.

  • Cultural Harmony Check: Assess candidates for a match with your company culture, ensuring their values and work ethic align seamlessly.

  • Compensation Savvy: Research market trends to create competitive compensation packages, factoring in location, experience, and skill sets for an attractive offer.

 STEP 2 

Leverage Online Platforms

Online or social media platforms aren’t just portals; they’re bridges to passionate individuals who bring technical expertise and a genuine love for their craft. By strategically leveraging these platforms, you not only broaden your reach but also tap into diverse talent pools, discovering candidates who not only meet but elevate your organization’s requirements and culture. It’s not just recruitment; it’s a journey of connecting with the innovators who can propel your organization forward. Here are a few that top our online platform list.

  • LinkedIn Leverage: Optimize advanced search and engagement features to connect with skilled candidates.

  • GitHub Exploration: Assess technical proficiency and problem-solving skills by delving into candidates’ code contributions.

  • Stack Overflow Insights: Identify expertise and insights by evaluating candidates through their contributions on Stack Overflow.

  • Tech Job Boards Outreach: Expand your reach by posting on specialized boards like Dice, Indeed, and AngelList to connect with tech professionals.

 STEP 3 

Engage in Tech Communities

Tech communities are nurturing grounds for engineers and tech leaders, offering mentorship and career advancement. These vibrant hubs also serve as windows into companies actively hiring. By immersing yourself in these communities, you not only tap into a rich source of talent but also contribute to the collective strength of the tech ecosystem, creating a win-win for both your company and the community. It’s not just recruitment; it’s a shared journey of growth and collaboration

  • Event Mastery: Dive into tech events, conferences, and hackathons to forge real connections with tech pros. Network actively, using these gatherings as a stage to spotlight your vibrant company culture.

  • Open-Source Impact: Jump into open-source projects aligned with your tech stack. Collaborate with developers who share your innovation drive, identifying potential candidates passionate about making a difference.

  • Academic Alliances: Team up with local universities and tech schools. Establish partnerships to tap into fresh graduates and emerging talent. Be a game-changer by offering internships and mentorship programs that set the stage for future leaders. The action begins now!

 STEP 4 

Foster Internal Referrals

Leveraging internal referrals is a game-changer for sourcing talent. It streamlines hiring, slashes costs, and ensures quality by aligning candidates with company culture and values. This collaborative approach fosters a supportive work environment, boosting employee retention. However, it’s vital not to rely solely on referrals. Data from Crosshq indicates a 26% dip in the Quality of Hire for internal referrals, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive evaluation based on skills.

  • Implement an Employee Referral Program: Encourage employees to refer qualified tech professionals from their networks, offering incentives for successful referrals.

  • Optimize Employee Referral Process: Streamline the referral process with clear guidelines, a dedicated platform, and prompt feedback to enhance efficiency.

  • Leverage Employee Expertise: Capitalize on your employees’ industry knowledge to identify and assess potential candidates. Encourage them to provide insights into candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit.


 STEP 5 

Build a Strong Employer Brand

Crafting a strong employer brand is like creating a magnet for top talent. It’s not just a job; it’s about the whole experience. A robust employer brand not only attracts great people but also makes hiring smoother, keeps everyone happy, and builds lasting connections. It’s all about reputation, value, and a good experience for employees that matters the most. 

  • Culture Matters: Foster a positive and innovative workplace. Shout it out on social media and in recruitment materials to let tech talents know they’re joining a fantastic team.

  • Competitive Perks: Attract top tech talent with competitive salaries, solid benefits, and enticing perks. Keep an eye on market trends and adjust your offerings to stay ahead.

  • Tech Spotlight: Flaunt your tech prowess! Share success stories and employee achievements that highlight your commitment to technology, innovation, and professional growth.

  • Story Showcase: Feature employee testimonials and successes to unveil the real stories of your tech team. It’s action-oriented storytelling that gives candidates a firsthand look into your vibrant company culture.

  • Diversity Spotlight: Actively showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion. Integrate it into your recruitment materials and culture promotion to actively foster an inclusive workplace that goes beyond words.

  • Social Media Action: Dive into Twitter and LinkedIn! Share industry insights, company news, and employee stories. Be the company tech talent wants to follow and join.

 STEP 6 

Optimize Your Career Page

Optimizing your career page is a crucial step in attracting the best talent. Clear job descriptions provide clarity, accessible design ensures broader reach, and highlighting culture and opportunities engages potential candidates, making your company stand out.

  • Informative Jobs: Be crystal clear in your job descriptions. Let candidates see what’s expected and get a feel for your company culture. This transparency helps them decide if they’re a great fit.

  • Mobile Magic: Think mobile! A career page with mobile-friendly design ensures candidates, always on the move, can easily explore opportunities. It’s not just about reach; it’s about giving them a smooth experience.

  • Engage & Envision: Go beyond roles – showcase your culture and growth potential. An engaging career page isn’t just attractive; it helps candidates picture themselves thriving in your organization. It’s about making that connection!

 STEP 7 

Maintain Regular Communication

Maintaining regular communication with candidates is crucial for talent sourcing efficiency. It fosters a positive candidate experience, keeping potential hires engaged and informed throughout the hiring process. Regular updates demonstrate transparency, showcase your company’s commitment to communication, and help build a stronger connection with candidates. Additionally, it allows for timely adjustments and adaptations based on candidate feedback, ensuring a smooth and effective talent sourcing journey. Consistent communication is not just a practice; it’s a strategic approach that enhances efficiency, strengthens employer branding, and attracts top talent.

  • Swift Feedback: Elevate the candidate’s journey with prompt feedback. Speedy responses show you value their time and keep the momentum alive.

  • Continuous Adaptation: Actively evolve! Embrace continuous improvement in your communication strategy. It’s not just about maintaining, but consistently enhancing the candidate experience.


By incorporating these strategies, you can effectively source top tech talent, build a high-performing team, and propel your company’s success in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Attracting and retaining top tech talent is a continuous effort that demands ongoing adaptation and dedication.


At Rent-A-Sourcer, we redefine talent acquisition for organizations with over 20 years of expertise in the recruitment industry. Leveraging specialized knowledge, global reach, and advanced AI technologies, we provide agile and scalable talent sourcing solutions. 

Our commitment to transparent communication, compliance, and continuous improvement ensures a strategic approach to finding the right talent, closing more candidates, and empowering organizations to succeed in a dynamic talent landscape.


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