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Who We Are

We are Talent Sourcing Experts, shaping dream teams for organizations by fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation in the ever-evolving talent acquisition landscape.

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About Us

Founded in 2021 , Rent-A-Sourcer (RAS) was born out of recognizing that the recruitment process needed a transformative touch. The vision behind RAS was to play a pivotal role in the recruitment cycle, freeing recruiters to focus on closing candidates. At the same time, we took charge of the intricate talent sourcing process.

Specializing in Talent Sourcing as a service, we implement the SOQS methodology (Source-Outreach-Qualify-Schedule) to efficiently source candidates. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about fostering meaningful connections by actively engaging with potential hires.


To revolutionize recruitment by simplifying the talent sourcing process, allowing recruiters to focus on positive candidate experience and closing candidates.


To be the go-to partner for optimizing and simplifying the process of building exceptional teams through innovation, efficiency, and a steadfast commitment to precise talent sourcing.


The Founders

Makarand (Mak) Bhave

Makarand (Mak) Bhave is a visionary with over two decades of expertise in the recruitment industry and global talent acquisition. He is a Founder & CEO of Braves Technologies, where he has helped overcome the operational challenges of organizations to set up tech teams in India. Throughout his illustrious career, Mak has identified a critical challenge in hiring – the establishment of a sustainable talent funnel and sourcing top-tier candidates for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

Fueled by the revelation, he co-founded RAS, an innovative solution aimed at revolutionizing the talent sourcing landscape. 

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Quentin Sebastian

Meet Quentin Sebastian, the dynamic force behind the title he proudly claims - Mr. Sourcer. Transitioning from a seasoned salesperson to a passionate talent sourcer, Quentin’s brainchild, RAS, embodies his fervor for the art of talent sourcing.


With a remarkable 14+ years of experience in the industry, Quentin brings not just expertise, but an infectious enthusiasm for connecting the right talent with the perfect organizational fit. Quentin’s proven track record establishes him as a credible and reliable figure in the competitive world of recruitment.

Innovating optimal problem-solving approaches.png

Innovating optimal
problem-solving approaches

Our Guiding Principles

Collaborative processes for swift outcomes.png

Collaborative processes for swift outcomes

Upholding honesty in every interaction.png

Upholding honesty in every interaction

Prioritizing client needs for tailored solutions.png

Prioritizing client needs for tailored solutions

Embracing team spirit for remarkable results.png

Embracing team spirit for remarkable results

Committing to ongoing learning and development.png

Committing to ongoing learning and development

Embracing adaptability fosters continual growth.png

Embracing adaptability fosters continual growth

Supporting a healthy work-life equilibrium.png

Supporting a healthy work-life equilibrium


Make Us Your Partner In Acquiring The Best Tech Talent Around The Globe!

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Hear It From Our Team


It’s been a roller coaster ride. From hospitality to recruiting and sourcing. Been a long way for me. RAS has shown support and encouraged me. I appreciate the consistent support from Quentin and  RAS over the last 2 years. It has created an environment where I can thrive in my role as a talent Sourcer and recruiter.


Excited about the ongoing collaboration and future achievements together. Here’s to more milestones ahead!


Sahil Chadha

Talent Acquisition Specialist



We are on an exciting journey of connecting talent with dynamic opportunities across the globe. Our clients span industries, from thriving startups to established enterprises, offering a diverse landscape for career growth. 

At RAS, we specialize in sourcing not just tech candidates but visionaries and leaders too. Explore current openings, and embark on a career that transcends boundaries.

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