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Talent Prospect Building 

A qualified talent pipeline for recruiters to hire perfect candidates quicker!

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Why opt to for talent prospect building

  • Streamline time and resource-intensive recruitment processes.

  • Minimize recruiter involvement in groundwork, enhancing efficiency.

  • Optimize recruitment resources to facilitate candidate engagement and selection.

  • Avoid rushed hiring to mitigate the risk of selecting unfit candidates.

  • Ensure organizational agility in the dynamic job market by expediting processes.

To swiftly adapt to market shifts and secure skilled professionals, organizations need a streamlined solution providing instant access to a curated pool of prospects and their contact details.

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Working with Rent-A-Sourcer has been a positive experience so far with our recruiting efforts. They manage to find and send us quality resumes of potential candidates. We find that they understand our needs based on the description we provide to them about our open roles.

They have a good way of communicating with us whether it’s via email or over a quick video call to go over certain details that could help with their candidate search.

Yeneri Ramirez

Talent Acquisition Manager, LTV 


Our Solution

Revolutionize your recruitment game with Rent-A-Sourcer's Talent Prospect building service. We wield expertise in Talent Mapping, Sourcing, and data building to hand you a dynamic pool of prospects and their contact information. Now, recruiters can power up their game—focus on strategic moves, and seal the deal with more candidates faster.

Streamline your recruitment process, identify top talent, and make every hire a strategic win with Rent A Sourcer. It's time to succeed with our proven CV Acceptance Rate of 82%.


How it works


Candidate Mapping

We delve deep into the talent landscape, providing a comprehensive overview of potential candidates, their skills, and market positioning. This service empowers recruiters to identify and target the most promising talent swiftly.


Building Data Prospects

We identify prospective talent and compile a rich database complete with contact information. This accelerates your outreach, streamlining the connection between recruiters and potential candidates. 


Candidate Sourcing

We tap into diverse channels, ensuring a rich and varied pool of candidates. From niche skills to broad talent searches, we employ cutting-edge techniques to source candidates, giving you a competitive edge in the recruitment landscape.

D-matrix Case study.png

Find out how Rent-A-Sourcer's sourcing expertise enabled d-Matrix (a funded startup) to secure an A team of niche AI talent

Fabric case study.png

Discover how RAS empowered Fabric Group by building a sustainable qualified talent pipeline

Leveling up talent sourcing for everyone


Enjoy the flexibility to scale up or down the service utilization as your needs evolve, ensuring a tailored and adaptive approach to your requirements.

Easy Exit

Experience the ease of exiting the service, allowing for a smooth transition or discontinuation as needed, without unnecessary complications.


Make Your Talent Sourcing Simpler & Easier

  • Q1. What's the difference between talent sourcing and talent prospecting building service?
    At Rent A Sourcer, talent sourcing involves a comprehensive process: Source, Outreach, Qualify, and Schedule. We actively engage potential candidates, ensuring they meet your criteria and are ready for the next steps. On the other hand, talent prospecting focuses on building a curated database of potential candidates and their contact information. In this service, we don't reach out to the candidates directly, providing you with a valuable resource for future hiring needs.
  • Q2. Why is a talent pipeline important?
    A talent pipeline is crucial as it reduces the time and cost of hiring, enhances the quality of hires, boosts employee retention, and fosters a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Q3. How do I build a talent pipeline?
    Building a talent pipeline involves identifying your talent needs, developing a strategic sourcing plan, creating a robust candidate pool, nurturing relationships with potential candidates, assessing and selecting candidates, and effectively onboarding and developing new hires.
  • Q4. What are some best practices for building a talent pipeline?
    Best practices for building a talent pipeline include early planning, utilizing diverse sourcing channels, establishing connections with educational institutions, leveraging social media for recruitment, implementing a robust employee referral program, and employing data-driven decision-making in pipeline management.
  • Q5. How to identify the right talent for your organization?
    Identifying the right talent involves clearly defining your organization's needs, aligning candidate skills with business goals, and employing a thorough evaluation process during recruitment.
  • Q6. How to use technology to build a talent pipeline?
    Leverage technology by implementing applicant tracking systems, AI-driven tools for candidate screening, and data analytics to streamline and optimize your talent pipeline.
  • Q7. How to measure the success of your talent pipeline?
    Evaluate the success of your talent pipeline through metrics such as time-to-hire, quality of hires, and employee retention rates, ensuring continuous refinement for optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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