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Fabric Group built a sustainable qualified talent pipeline with the help of Rent-A-Sourcer

Our client, Fabric Group, based in Australia, is a core tech company helping its clients add value to their businesses with digital transformation. They consult and build unique & cutting-edge tech products with extensive engineering expertise. 

Tech Transformation

Monitoring and
Updating Technology

Custom Software

Consultation for
Complex Technologies

The Stumbling Block

Fabric Group was witnessing a steep increase in its business demand. One of the biggest challenges was the recruitment during a growth spurt and expansion. As demand increased Fabric Group could not engage with enough candidates to successfully onboard the talent required for their growth.

They were unable to search, target & engage the right candidates, and build a sustainable talent pipeline. It became difficult to acquire the right talent within the agreed timeframe.

Fabric Group decided to outsource their talent sourcing and engaged with Rent-A-Sourcer to expedite their recruitment process.

The Approach and Solution

As we took a closer look at the scenario, the major goals to achieve were as follows – 

  • High-quality talent mapping

  • Build a sustainable talent pipeline 

  • Set up a process and define tasks among RASpert and the In-House recruitment team

A team of RASperts led by our Co-Founder, Quentin Sebastian, started on the project. All the necessary information was gathered to start the campaign. The client helped by providing the required credential and shared login for other tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Job portals, ATS, Trello, and Slack.

RAS immediately started working by applying its SOQS methodology, to Source the talent, Outreach them, Qualify for a position, and Schedule the discussion with the in-house recruitment team.

Our team started mapping the talent and targeting tech talent from A-list companies such as MYOB, XERO, Lattitude, Thoughtworks, REA Group, JB Hi-Fi, Kodez, Telstra, and SEEK. It ensured that we picked and maintained extremely high quality, cream of talent for the client. We also leveraged the professional network of the mapped talent to reach a more similar kind of cadre.

RASperts focused on Sourcing and engagement with the candidates, and the Recruiter worked on closing the candidates; RASperts were supporting them throughout the recruitment process.

The Results with RAS

In the last seven months, RAS achieved outstanding results. Here is a numerical representation excluding the value-addition to the process.

Success Rate

Words of Appreciation for RAS

We have worked with Braves Technologies for the past 12 months, and Quentin is lead consultant for their Talent Sourcing Services at Rent-A-Sourcer. This has been a very successful service, delivering Fabric Group an ample supply of pre-validated candidates, many of whom have been converted to permanent or contract roles with us. 


Quentin has always been very responsive, adaptable to priority changes, and has a good rapport with the candidates and our in-house recruitment department.

Simon Greed

- Chief Operating Officer, Fabric Group 


At Rent-A-Sourcer, we redefine talent acquisition for organizations with over 20 years of expertise in the recruitment industry. Leveraging specialized knowledge, global reach, and advanced AI technologies, we provide agile and scalable talent sourcing solutions. 

Our commitment to transparent communication, compliance, and continuous improvement ensures a strategic approach to finding the right talent, closing more candidates, and empowering organizations to succeed in a dynamic talent landscape.


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