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Candidate Sourcing Or Recruitment, A Tough Call?

Candidate Sourcing

We are solving all your queries here!

Or Recruitment,

A Tough Call?

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What is candidate sourcing? Is it different from recruitment?

Candidate sourcing, is the art of casting the widest net possible in the vast ocean of talent, using strategic methods to lure in the best catches. It’s akin to the scout who tirelessly seeks out the hidden gems in a crowded field. 

While Recruitment involves the entire process from identifying needs to onboarding, sourcing is the initial phase—the skillful act of finding, engaging, and enticing potential candidates to the shores of opportunity. It’s not just about filling roles; it’s about discovering the diamonds in the rough.

Here’s the playbook for crafting a tech candidate sourcing strategy that hits the bullseye

3. Engagement and Follow-up

- Craft Compelling Outreach: Make your pitch smoother than a buttered-up ice rink.
- Build Relationships: It’s not just about the job, it’s about the journey.
- Prioritize Follow-up: Persistence without annoyance, an art form mastered.

2. Sourcing Channels

- Diversify Your Reach: Cast your net wider than a fisherman in a typhoon.
- Social Media Power: Become a LinkedIn ninja, not a stalker.
- Employee Referrals: Your staff: the unsung heroes of talent scouting.

1. Planning and Targeting

- Understand the Role: Collaborate with hiring managers to paint the Mona Lisa of ideal candidates.
- Build a Candidate Persona: Create a Tinder profile for your dream tech pro—minus the swiping.

How do I source candidates?
Guide me through the right strategy!

What are the best online tools for candidate sourcing?

LinkedIn Recruiter

Your VIP pass to the talent party! LinkedIn’s powerhouse platform, LinkedIn Recruiter, is like having a Batmobile equipped with turbocharged search, candidate pools hotter than the Sahara, and messaging features smoother than a James Bond one-liner. Targeting candidates based on skills, experience, and even their alma mater? Cue the mic drop.


Where coding meets matchmaking! GitHub isn’t just a treasure trove of code; it’s your personal cupid for tech talent. Search for developers based on their coding prowess, language fluency, and contributions to open-source projects. It’s like having a radar for finding the coding rockstars.


Where startups find their superhero squad! AngelList isn’t just a platform; it’s the secret lair where startup dreams take flight. Search for talent who thrive in the fast lane, filtering by skills, startup experience, and job function. It’s like assembling your Avengers team, but with fewer capes.

Stack Overflow

The Silicon Valley of programmer paradise! Stack Overflow isn’t just a forum; it’s the bustling metropolis where skilled developers roam free. Search for tech wizards based on their expertise in specific technologies and their street cred within the community. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but the needle is wearing a wizard hat.

Boolean Search Tools

The Sherlock Holmes of candidate sleuthing! Tools like RecruitEm and ZoomInfo turn your search game into a strategic treasure hunt. Craft complex Boolean search strings to uncover candidates across the digital landscape. It’s like having a magnifying glass for your talent search, minus the deerstalker hat.

What are the best ATS tools with strong functionalities for candidate sourcing?

When it comes to tech candidate sourcing, having the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is like having a trusty sidekick in a superhero duo. Here are some top contenders:



The Batman of ATS—reliable, scalable, and equipped with an arsenal of search tools and integrations. Plus, it's got the bat signal for automated candidate outreach.



Think of Lever as the Iron Man suit of ATS—sleek, powerful, and perfect for the tech-savvy hero. It's got all the bells and whistles, including Boolean search and social recruiting prowess.



The ATS with a Jedi mind trick—using AI to summon talent from galaxies far, far away. It's all about building that talent pipeline while wielding the force of employer branding.



The ATS for the plucky underdog—simple, yet effective, like a Swiss army knife for startups. It's got the essentials for sourcing plus a few nifty gadgets like skills assessments.



The ATS with AI superpowers—like having Professor X in your recruitment team. It's all about automation, matching skills with precision, and gaining real-time insights into your candidates' minds.

Are tools and software enough for candidate sourcing?

No, there’s more to build a sustainable talent pipeline through candidate sourcing, and HUMAN ACUMEN becomes indispensable here!

Sourcing Passive Candidates

  • Lure unicorns out of hiding with a golden carrot approach.

  • Engage in subtle persuasive tactics to pique their interest.

Staying Up-to-Date on Sourcing Trends

  • Be the trendsetter in a world of recruitment followers.

  • Stay ahead of the curve by keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Building a Strong Employer Brand

  • Season your company culture with allure to attract top talent.

  • Showcase what makes your workplace unique and irresistible.

Discover the Power of RASperts

At Rent-A-Sourcer, all our RASperts (Sourcing Experts) have undergone rigorous training and are certified professionals, ready to deliver results that drive the success of your business. They are equipped with the expertise to locate and engage top talent, giving you a competitive edge in the recruitment process.

Guaranteed ROI

One External Agency Placement ≈ RAS Yearly Subscription Cost
The more you hire, the more returns you get!

20+ Years of Recruitment Experience: With nearly two decades of experience, Rent-A-Sourcer has honed its sourcing techniques to perfection, making us a reliable and seasoned partner for your talent acquisition needs.

Over 1 Million Resumes Reviewed: Our extensive reach and experience enable us to efficiently review a vast number of resumes, saving your time and effort in the hiring process.

Impressive 83% CV Acceptance Ratio: Our data-driven approach and meticulous screening ensure a high CV acceptance ratio, indicating the suitability of the candidates we source.

Why Choose Rent-A-Sourcer?

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