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Why do you need sourcing as a distinct function in the recruitment cycle?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Scenario 1

You lined up five interviews for a job vacancy at your organization, but three of them did not appear for the interview. They weren’t interested in the position anymore!

No quality engagement with candidates!

Scenario 2

You screened around 50 applicant’s resumes to find that none of them were fit for the position. They did not meet the criteria.

Time spent on unfit candidates!

Scenario 3

A candidate cleared all interviews in the recruitment process. Finally, they were not selected as expectations were high, not fitting your limits.

Not setting the right expectations!

Don’t you feel fussy as a recruiter when you face such situations? If only all things were sorted out at the very beginning of the recruitment cycle!

The recruitment process is exhaustive and exhausting. Each of the steps requires full attention and time to zero down on the right applicant.

Especially in SMEs and startups with a recruitment team of only one or max two persons, there’s a tremendous burden on recruiters to hunt down the perfect candidates. This makes it difficult to focus on one function of the recruitment. Even if recruiters divide their work hours specifically for each recruitment function, can time spent on sourcing be justified? As other functions such as interviews and onboarding take the maximum time of recruiters.

Which gets us to the core challenge!

Do recruiters have enough time to get the base of the recruitment, the SOURCING, right?

Here are a few responsibilities of a recruiter to get the sourcing right!

  • Searching for passive candidates in the job seekers’ market

  • Networking on professional platforms for more reach

  • Engaging the potential candidates

  • Maintaining social diversity while hiring

These are just key responsibilities of a Sourcer, a good Sourcer will have much more to accomplish! The point here is that a sub-function of recruitment itself has many goals to achieve. Therefore, considering it as a separate function can make a recruiter’s life easy and the process much more efficient.

Let us look at a few noticeable benefits of ‘Sourcing as a separate function’.

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