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Engage and hire from a strong talent pipeline of pre-screened candidates ready to interview with you.

Our Approach


Data-Driven Sourcing and Strategic Outreach

We uncover top-tier talent through precision and insight to ensure your recruitment is guided by analytics and industry trends

Targeted Talent Mapping

We navigate the talent landscape strategically to pinpoint key individuals to meet your organizational needs and drive success

Passive Talent Engagement

We ignite connections with untapped potential professionals who may not be actively seeking opportunities but are ready for the right match

Global Talent Sourcing

We go beyond sourcing local candidates, we leverage a worldwide candidate network to find the perfect fit for your needs.

How to source the best tech talent

Our Services


Boost your team’s capabilities effortlessly – we handle talent discovery, outreach, and...

Secure your A team with a steady pipeline of top candidates. We map talent and gather key contacts...

Simplify you're hiring journey. We take care of interview scheduling, keep communication smooth...

Rent-A-Sourcer has been a valued partner in growing our business. The sourcing team is very communicative with the candidates and serves as an extension of our recruitment department.

Maria is very professional and has proven to represent our company efforts as well. Not only are the candidates qualified, but engaged. The Rent-A-Sourcer team makes the hiring process more efficient. We value their support.

Kathy Wall

- Director of Personnel Engagement, CDIT

I can share that Quentin's and his team have had a significant impact sourcing the most difficult and challenging engineers to recruit for ML/AI Hardware and Software.


The amount of outreach Quentin delivered was instrumental in the early foundation hiring for He was on point and as an extra side benefit impacted branding outreach that has led thousands of people to view the story.

Mike Nord

- Head of Talent Management, 

Working with Rent-A-Sourcer has been a positive experience so far with our recruiting efforts. They manage to find and send us quality resumes of potential candidates. We find that they understand our needs based on the description we provide to them about our open roles.

They have a good way of communicating with us whether it’s via email or over a quick video call to go over certain details that could help with their candidate search.

Yeneri Ramirez

- Talent Acquisition Manager, LTV

We have worked with Braves Technologies for the past 12 months, and Quentin is lead consultant for their Talent Sourcing Services at Rent-A-Sourcer. This has been a very successful service, delivering Fabric Group an ample supply of pre-validated candidates, many of whom have been converted to permanent or contract roles with us. 


Quentin has always been very responsive, adaptable to priority changes, and has a good rapport with the candidates and our in-house recruitment department.

Simon Greed

- Chief Operating Officer, Fabric Group 

Artificial Intelligence + Human Acumen =

The Best Combination for Candidate Sourcing

Talent sourcing is already a process that makes recruitment faster, almost 1.5 times! We make it even faster and more efficient by combining our RASperts’ efforts with cutting-edge AI tools. You simply leave sourcing to us without the hassles of choosing and managing sourcing tools or burdening your recruitment team. 

Diverse Team + Diverse Perspectives =  

Sourcing Success

Teams characterized by diversity were found to be 87% more likely to make superior business decisions compared to their non-diverse counterparts. RASperts comprehend the intricacies of diverse talent pools, skillfully attracting and engaging them, empowering you to assemble your dream team effortlessly.

Guaranteed ROI

One External Agency Placement ≈ RAS Yearly Subscription Cost
The more you hire, the more returns you get!

Discover how RAS empowered Fabric Group by building a sustainable qualified talent pipeline

Find out how Rent-A-Sourcer's sourcing expertise enabled d-Matrix (a funded startup) to secure an A team of niche AI talent

Dive Into Candidate Sourcing Insights

Clever Devices
Fabric Group
Clever Devices
Fabric Group


At Rent-A-Sourcer, we redefine talent acquisition for organizations with over 20 years of expertise in the recruitment industry. Leveraging specialized knowledge, global reach, and advanced AI technologies, we provide agile and scalable talent sourcing solutions. 

Our commitment to transparent communication, compliance, and continuous improvement ensures a strategic approach to finding the right talent, closing more candidates, and empowering organizations to succeed in a dynamic talent landscape.


Why Rent-A-Sourcer?

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