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How d-Matrix secured an A team of niche AI talent with the help of Rent-A-Sourcer

D-Matrix is a technology company that leverages cutting-edge circuit techniques, machine learning tools, software, and algorithms to overcome the challenges of memory-compute integration in the field of artificial intelligence. This company aims to make significant advancements in AI computing efficiency, tackling what is considered the final frontier in this field.

The Stumbling Block

With a strong focus on growth and innovation, d-Matrix set its sight on an ambitious goal for 2022. With a $44 million series A funding under its belt, the company was eager to expand its team by approximately 20 talented individuals in seven to eight months. 

These additions would be essential to the company’s success and play a critical role in shaping the company’s culture for years to come. Therefore, the talent required had to be the cream of the crop, high-quality within niche profiles.

  • High expectations from investors and a growing company increased pressure to find the right people

  • Allocated budgets, crunched timelines, and a lack of brand awareness created fierce competition for the best talent

  • Limited internal recruitment resources, difficulties in attracting passive candidates, and a lack of specialized recruitment skills made the process more difficult

  • Creating a compelling employer brand and accessing diverse talent pools was an obstacle

  • Recognizing the need for top-notch talent, the d-Matrix management acquired a head of talent, Mike Nord, to lead the charge in recruitment.

Mike Nord’s strategy
1. Hire a retained talent specialist  2.Outsource to recruitment agencies 

While he was searching for good recruitment agencies to partner with, he came across Rent-A-Sourcer, a talent sourcing company. As we pitched him about RAS, he could see the value it could bring to the table by building a sustainable talent pipeline, and also giving a boost to the branding in the process. Hence, he decided to partner with RAS as well.

Words of Appreciation for RAS

I can share that Quentin's and his team have had a significant impact sourcing the most difficult and challenging engineers to recruit for ML/AI Hardware and Software.


The amount of outreach Quentin delivered was instrumental in the early foundation hiring for He was on point and as an extra side benefit impacted branding outreach that has led thousands of people to view the story.

Mike Nord

- Head of Talent Management, 

The Approach and Solution

The Results with RAS

In the last seven months, RAS achieved outstanding results. Here is a numerical representation excluding the value-addition to the process.

Success Rate

  • RAS implemented a unique four-step approach called Source-Outreach-Qualify-Schedule (S-O-Q-S) to deliver efficient and effective talent sourcing results.

  • Thorough market research was conducted by RAS to identify the ideal candidate personas, which included their background, education, experience, skills, personality, and aspirations.

  • Elite candidates were sourced from high-end organizations such as Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and startups in a similar line of work using the Talent Mapping technique, which helped build a sufficient talent pipeline.

  • RAS used a strategic cadence to outreach to potential candidates with personal email addresses, social ids, and phone numbers, resulting in a response rate of 26-31% for various profiles.

  • The client was positioned and branded in the job market with an attractive, appealing value proposition while reaching out to potential candidates.

  • RAS screened resumes from all channels used by the client, including ATS, job portals, social media communities, and passive candidates’ pool, to ensure that the applicant persona matched the ideal personas.

  • Qualified candidate profiles that matched at least 80-90% with ideal personas were submitted by RAS for consideration by the client’s in-house recruitment team.

  • RAS set up initial meetings between candidates and the client’s recruitment team throughout the talent sourcing to the scheduling process, providing support to both parties.


At Rent-A-Sourcer, we redefine talent acquisition for organizations with over 20 years of expertise in the recruitment industry. Leveraging specialized knowledge, global reach, and advanced AI technologies, we provide agile and scalable talent sourcing solutions. 

Our commitment to transparent communication, compliance, and continuous improvement ensures a strategic approach to finding the right talent, closing more candidates, and empowering organizations to succeed in a dynamic talent landscape.


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