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Candidate Experience: What can you do away with in 2023

This is not a random story I am to start with, but a real-life experience that I happened to hear from a guy sitting beside my table at a restaurant.

Jon eagerly applied for a job that he found online. A few days later, he received an email from the company asking him to complete a task as part of the application process. Excited about the opportunity, Jon completed the task and waited for further instructions.

However, days passed, and Jon didn’t hear anything back from the company. He reached out to them, and the recruiter kept telling him to wait for further instructions. The employer did neither bother to get in touch nor rejected him. This continued for over two weeks until Jon decided to withdraw his application.

It was clear that this employer wasn’t interested in giving their candidates a good experience - something that Jon greatly valued.

And why not?

When people apply for jobs, they always ensure to research the companies they are interested in. They want to understand their culture and how they treat their employees. They know that if a company has a bad reputation, it is likely due to the way they treat their candidates and employees.

A friend of mine shared an amazing experience with me.

She applied to a few companies last year and didn’t get a reply from any of them. She was starting to get discouraged, but then she got an email from one of the companies. They told her they had decided not to move forward with her application, but they wanted to thank her for her time.

She was surprised by this email. It was so different from all the other rejection emails she’d received. This company seemed like they cared about their candidates! They didn’t just want to reject her and move on; they took the time to say thank you and let her know why they decided not to hire her.

After that experience, she decided she wanted to work for that company. The way they treat their candidates showed her how much they value their people. She started working on herself to fit the company’s requirements, and now, she’s working for them! It took a year or so, but she is finally in a good place.


Despite all the above facts, only 78% of job seekers report never having been asked for feedback on their candidate experience.

Hence, it is a must to understand that having a good candidate experience is not an option anymore but a necessity for employers.

Positive candidate experience is necessary to establish a brand, attract talent, build a sustainable talent pipeline, and hire the best candidates in the market.

So, what should employers do away with to create a seamless candidate experience in 2023?

1. What not to do to create a seamless candidate experience?

An effective candidate experience starts with understanding what a job seeker converts into an applicant. Make sure you have a clear picture of the process and steps involved so you can plan and develop an experience that is both convenient and efficient.

2. Make sure to communicate effectively

Job seekers should be updated throughout the recruitment process, from receiving a job application to being offered the role. Automated emails are an essential part of providing quality candidate experience, but don’t forget to check in with candidates periodically and provide personalized attention during each stage. Don’t rely solely on technology!

3. Don’t ignore feedback

After an applicant has gone through an entire hiring experience, it’s important to ask for feedback. This will help you understand what went wrong and what to improve in the candidate experience. Assumptions about a job seeker’s motivations or preferences can lead to a poor candidate experience. To create an effective process, always ensure to ask for feedback and tailor the experience accordingly.

4. Don’t forget about diversity and inclusion

It’s important to ensure that all job seekers feel respected and included during the recruitment process. Diversity should be an integral part of how you create a positive candidate experience and can help foster a more inclusive workplace culture.

5. Don’t forget to measure success

To understand where improvements need to be made, it’s essential to measure how successful your candidate experience is. Tracking metrics such as time-to-hire, application abandonment rates, and offer acceptance rates can help you understand where your process may need to be tweaked.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you create a positive candidate experience that will make job seekers feel respected and valued.


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