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Streamlining your Recruitment Process: Types of Services & Resources that can be Outsourced

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

According to Allied Market Research, the global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) market is expected to reach $26.4 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 19.1% from 2022 to 2031.

The growth of the RPO market is being driven by the increasing demand for cost-effective and efficient recruitment solutions, the growing need to improve the quality of hiring decisions, and the increasing focus on talent acquisition by businesses.

Here are some statistics for IT companies about outsourcing recruitment process or part of it:

  • 92% of G2000 companies use IT outsourcing (ISG): Over 9 in 10 of the top 2000 global companies had IT outsourcing contracts in 2019. Business process outsourcing (BPO) was less popular, with only 59% of the top 2000 companies using it.

  • 47% of IT leaders plan to increase their use of RPO in the next year: A survey by Gartner found that 47% of IT leaders plan to increase their use of RPO in the next year. The most common reasons for this are to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process, to reduce the cost of hiring, and to gain access to a wider pool of talent.

  • The average cost of hiring a software engineer is $25,000: According to a study by Hiretual, the average cost of hiring a software engineer is $25,000. This includes the cost of advertising, sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding the candidate.

  • The average time to fill a software engineering role is 52 days: According to a study by LinkedIn, the average time to fill a software engineering role is 52 days. This is longer than the average time to fill other roles, such as marketing and sales roles.

In the dynamic world of business, outsourcing recruitment processes has become a strategic imperative for several reasons. Companies are drawn to the expertise of recruitment specialists who possess the skills and tools to unearth the best talent efficiently. Time savings, access to advanced technologies, and scalability are additional draws, while cost-effectiveness can surprise those who think outsourcing is expensive.

By outsourcing, internal resources can refocus on strategic initiatives, and companies can access broader talent pools, foster diversity, and navigate legal intricacies. Moreover, outsourcing facilitates global talent acquisition, enabling companies to secure specialized skills and expand internationally. This trend isn’t just a fad; it’s a smart move that empowers businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Let us delve into all resources and services that can cater different needs of different organizations!

1. The Power of Talent Sourcing Tools

Talent sourcing tools have revolutionized the way companies identify potential candidates. These tools utilize advanced algorithms and databases to sift through vast pools of resumes and online profiles, pinpointing individuals whose skills and experiences align with the company’s needs. By outsourcing talent sourcing to these tools, companies can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on manual candidate searches.

2. Embracing Candidate Sourcing Companies

Candidate sourcing companies specialize in finding and engaging potential candidates on behalf of a company. These companies employ teams of skilled professionals who employ a mix of data-driven techniques and personalized outreach to connect with candidates who might not be actively seeking new opportunities. This approach expands the talent pool beyond those who apply directly, ensuring that the company has access to a wider array of potential hires.

3. Diving into Diversity Sourcing and Recruitment

Diversity and inclusion have rightfully taken center stage in today’s workplace. Diversity sourcing and recruitment services focus on ensuring that companies have a varied and inclusive workforce. These services employ strategies to attract candidates from different backgrounds, ensuring that the company benefits from a broad range of perspectives and experiences. Outsourcing diversity sourcing and recruitment to specialized firms can help companies navigate the complexities of creating an inclusive workforce.

Talent sourcing consultants are experienced professionals who offer expertise in finding and attracting the right candidates. These consultants work closely with companies to understand their specific needs, devising strategies tailored to their industry, culture, and goals. Their deep understanding of the talent landscape can save companies time and effort while increasing the likelihood of finding top-tier candidates.

5. The Role of Talent Sourcing Platforms

Talent sourcing platforms provide a centralized hub for managing and optimizing recruitment efforts. These platforms often integrate with various job boards, social media platforms, and other candidate sources. Outsourcing recruitment sourcing to these platforms can enhance efficiency by allowing companies to manage their candidate pipelines, track progress, and collaborate seamlessly with their internal teams and external partners.

6. Unlocking the Potential of Startup Staffing Agencies

Startups often operate in dynamic environments that require agility and rapid growth. Startup staffing agencies specialize in understanding the unique needs of startups and scale-ups, offering recruitment solutions that align with their growth trajectories. Outsourcing to these agencies allows startups to tap into their industry expertise and networks, helping them secure the right talent during crucial growth phases.

7. Exploring Startup RPO Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) involves delegating part or all of the recruitment process to an external provider. Startup RPO services cater specifically to the needs of startups, offering flexible and scalable solutions. These services can encompass candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, and even onboarding, enabling startups to focus on core business activities while leaving the recruitment complexities to the experts.

8. The Advantage of Contract Sourcers and Recruiters

Contract sourcers and recruiters provide a short-term solution for companies facing immediate hiring needs. These professionals are hired on a temporary basis to focus solely on sourcing, engaging, and presenting qualified candidates. Outsourcing contract talent sourcing and recruiting is an effective way to meet urgent hiring demands without committing to a full-time internal resource.


In a world where talent acquisition can make or break a company's success, outsourcing has become a strategic solution to streamline and enhance the recruitment process. From leveraging talent sourcing tools and candidate sourcing companies to embracing diversity recruitment and startup staffing agencies, there is a wide array of options available. By outsourcing specific aspects of the recruitment process, companies can focus on what truly matters: finding the right candidates who will contribute to their growth, innovation, and overall success.





Talent Sourcing Tools

Utilize advanced algorithms and databases to identify potential candidates based on skills and experience.

Automated candidate identification

Rapid candidate search, reduced manual effort, broader candidate pool

Candidate Sourcing Company

Engage professionals to actively reach out to potential candidates, expanding the talent pool.

Personalized outreach

Access to passive candidates, wider talent network, tailored candidate engagement

Focus on attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds to ensure an inclusive and varied workforce.

Inclusive recruitment

Improved diversity and inclusion, broad range of perspectives

Talent Sourcing Consultant

Experienced professionals who provide tailored strategies for candidate sourcing based on industry and culture.

Customized approach

Expert guidance, industry-specific insights, optimized candidate search

Talent Sourcing Platforms

Centralized platforms that manage candidate pipelines, integrate with job boards, and enable collaboration.

Streamlined process management

Enhanced efficiency, streamlined collaboration, improved candidate tracking

Startup Staffing Agencies

Specialize in understanding the needs of startups and scale-ups, providing recruitment solutions for growth.

Startups and rapid growth

Industry-specific expertise, scalability, agility in meeting hiring needs

Startup RPO Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing tailored for startups, offering flexible solutions for various recruitment stages.

End-to-end recruitment support

Scalable services, reduced recruitment burden, optimized processes

Contract Sourcers

Short-term professionals focused on candidate sourcing to meet immediate hiring demands.

Short-term candidate sourcing

Swift candidate delivery, efficient response to urgent hiring needs

Contract Recruiters

Temporary recruiters who manage specific recruitment tasks, often during peak hiring periods.

Short-term recruiting support

Targeted recruitment efforts, relief during high-volume hiring periods

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