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How a stealth startup saved 35% of their recruiter's time with the help of Rent-A-Sourcer

Our client is a technology company that leverages cutting-edge circuit techniques, machine learning tools, software, and algorithms to overcome the challenges of memory-compute integration in the field of artificial intelligence. This company aims to make significant advancements in AI computing efficiency, tackling what is considered the final frontier in this field.

The Stumbling Block

Our client is scaling up rapidly and high volume hiring was the organization’s need. They had three goals on top of their list to ensure the talent acquisition goal was achieved - 

  • To optimize resource allocation for efficient interview scheduling

  • To proactively address scalability and technological proficiency gaps

  • To enhance global expansion efforts and deliver a consistently positive candidate experience


However, due to time and human capital crunch, the recruitment process slowed down, making it difficult to achieve the talent acquisition targets as expected.

The Approach and Solution

Rent-A-Sourcer carefully analyzed the recruitment process of the client. We observed that recruiters at the client’s end spent around 35-40% of their time scheduling interviews and coordinating with hiring managers, candidates, and the onboarding team (HR for offer letters). Hence, we suggested they opt for our Recruitment Coordination solution. A recruitment coordinator dedicated to the client was provided by Rent-A-Sourcer. 

Here’s what we offered - 

  • A simplified interview scheduling for virtual and in-person interviews.

  • Seamless and efficient experience for both internal teams and candidates.

  • Proactive follow-ups with hiring managers and candidates for better communication.

  • Efficient management of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for streamlined candidate tracking.

  • Revitalized talent pipeline through impactful newsletters and strategic job postings.

The Results with RAS

  • 35% Time Savings on Interview Scheduling: The streamlined process significantly reduced interview scheduling time.

  • Improved Communication and Alignment: Proactive follow-ups resulted in better communication between hiring managers and candidates.

  • Optimized ATS Management: Centralized system for organized candidate tracking and data-driven decision-making.

  • Revitalized Talent Pipeline: ATS strategy contributed to a robust and active talent network.

Time Efficiency

Implementation of Recruitment Coordination services revolutionized efficiency in our client's talent acquisition. The approach addressed existing challenges and elevated the recruitment strategy, positively impacting internal stakeholders and candidates.


At Rent-A-Sourcer, we redefine talent acquisition for organizations with over 20 years of expertise in the recruitment industry. Leveraging specialized knowledge, global reach, and advanced AI technologies, we provide agile and scalable talent sourcing solutions. 

Our commitment to transparent communication, compliance, and continuous improvement ensures a strategic approach to finding the right talent, closing more candidates, and empowering organizations to succeed in a dynamic talent landscape.


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