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Why & how to create a sustainable tech talent pipeline for IT organization?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

As far as we understand, IT is the most volatile sector! Whether it’s upgrading technologies or changing client requirements, the constantly evolving environment always requires varied tech talent available at its disposal.

Recruiters and Sourcers cannot go hunting down the candidate once the requirements arrive. It leaves room for doubt whether you have chosen the best available talent in the market. The pressure of time can hamper the quality of hire, indirectly impacting the cost of hire.

Thus, it is important to have a repository of talent (passive/active) available in the vicinity. The talent pipeline helps in finding the best potential candidates without starting the search from scratch.

Benefits of Tech Talent Pipeline

#Improved quality of candidates
When you create a talent pipeline, you don’t have to rush to find candidates from the start. It gives you more time to screen and interview the list of potential candidates you have built. It also reduces the cost and time to hire the candidate and increases the chances to land up the best in the market.

You don’t have to rely on the ‘luck factor’ to reach the suitable candidate!

#Nurturing passive candidates

As said previously in our blog ‘How Passive Sourcing Can be Helpful in Searching the Rest of the Talent Iceberg’, building a talent pipeline is a perfect way to scour and engage with passive candidates.

The talent pipeline doesn’t put pressure of time to hire a candidate, hence you get ample time to understand and interact with passive candidates.

#Less dependency on the organization as a Brand

Well, this point goes especially for SMEs and startups who are unpopular in the market. Such organizations lack in selling to candidates as a brand when time is less.

Talent pipeline lets you interact with a candidate in detail to understand the organizational culture and work environment. IT becomes easier to attract a candidate rather than direct selling!

#Building a diverse culture

Talent pipeline helps gather information of candidates from diverse groups that are available and suitable for your organization. Talent pipeline lets you recognize diverse prospects and build an engagement, instead of just relying on that they’ll come across your job postings.

Despite numerous benefits of the talent pipeline, the whole game depends on how you plan it, how you gather talent, and how efficiently you can utilize it!

So let us see how to build a pipeline that you can optimally utilize to achieve your sourcing and recruitment goals!

How to build a talent pipeline?

#Align recruitment goals to business strategy

To start building a talent pipeline, you must have a clear vision about future growth and expansion strategy, or planned projects. It will help gauge the talent required for a certain period.

You can likewise search and build the pipeline at the pace required.

#Search and attract talent

Now that you know the anticipated talent requirement for your organization, it’s time to pull candidates! Instead of pushing the vacancies out, try building your brand through various marketing gimmicks.

A good branding strategy has more capacity to attract candidates than any other method.

Referrals are another way to connect to immediate connections of your connections.

Digital strategies to push brand harder also works well!

#Monitor talent and outcomes and adjust accordingly

Last but not least, talent is not only available outside your organization but also inside it. You must keep monitoring the current talent at the workplace, move them according to their capability and then bring in the new ones.

Also, setting KPIs to measure your talent pipeline is a must to make it more effective. Hence, you need to continuously monitor, measure, and improve to achieve your recruitment goals!

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